Sunday, 24 July 2011


I have been meaning to do this post for soooo long, but it’s like it just wasn’t meant to be *rolls eyes* every time I attempt to do this post something always goes wrong with my lappy, so I guess that I’m doing it now is a’ll all agree with me that every girl needs her relaxation time and pampering once ever so often, we wouldn’t be women If we didn’t...well on 12th July it was my friend’s birthday and to mark the day a couple of us girls had a wonderful trip to the spa. The spa we went to was Bannatyne spa in Westminster, the environment and the experience was more than what words could ever explain, if you have never been to a spa before trust me you need to go, our package included a 30 minute treatment of our choice as well as the full use of all their facilities; sauna, steam room, swimming pool, gym and Jacuzzi. Well here are some pics from our spa experience, oh yeah and this is the spa’s site for any of you interested hope you like, peace out xoxo
The b'day girl

lol this pic is so jokes, i have no idea why Kayla and I thought it would be possible to take pics in the sauna lool; total faliure

the girlies and myslef at the spa

some pics I decided to take of some of the things we enjoyed that day; Jaccuzi, Steam room, Massage room

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  1. How relaxing! My friend Nicole and I did this last summer at Fontainebleau Miami Beach. GREAT times =].