Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ever cute 'n' ready

Wooooi ah wah doh sum ppl, dem only luk gd wen dem face plaster up wid makeup...mi eva cute n eva ready ah noh makeup mek mi tan gd coz mi born gr8 AWOHHHH!!!...ok now that’s over and done with, today I went out without makeup on :O, yupp I know I aint done that for about 4-5 months now but today I did it and everyone was sooo shocked...I know a lot of people where surprised that I still actually look good and my face is still in a somewhat healthy condition, well that’s because even though I wear makeup a lot I still take care of my skin....every1 has been dyeing to know how I do it but I’ll leave my skin care routine for another day as for now I present you the natural Pooch.

Ummm yh I forgot to say I went to dance today as well so I did a real quick Outfit Of The Day it’s actually nothing special but I hope you like...xxxMwaHxxx

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