Thursday, 7 July 2011

Pleasure Booster

Lool as soon as I saw this clip I knew this movie would have to be a must see, and then I noticed that the movie was produced by Onyi Best Bright Industries *thumbs up*, due to the fact that I enjoyed their previous production Heart of a fighter & Royal fight this factor enticed me even more...i mean really what a peak convo, can you just imagine...SADLY the movie was actually due to premier on the NollywoodLove youtube channel today, and at 6:45 I’m still waiting ;*( sad ways by the grace of God it will be uploaded by tomorrow and I can watch it yaaaaay.
The film is home to stars such as Jim Iyke , Uche Jumbo and the fabulous Jenifa; Funke Akindele, the casts line up is a good one and I believe that the actresses and actors used work well together (from a viewer perspective)...well you guys have to check out the Iroko partners youtube channels both  NollywoodLove & YorubaLove

Pooch xxx

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