...The 30 day challenge...

Welcome to the 30 day challenge page, this page is dedicated to those of you that would like to learn or perfect your cooking skills in terms of a variety of Afro-Caribbean foods as well as a few other cuisines from around the globe.  Tutorials, reviews and pictures will be posted here for your education as well as entertainment, all items will be posted here daily and will remain viewable until 7th September 2011, whereby henceforth will only be viewable on my YouTube channel; PoochieGdAs.
I hope you guys enjoy this and stay tunes.
*Unfortunately due to me being ill I’ll not be able to start my 30 day challenge until next week, sorry guys :*(, so the challenge will begin on Monday 8th August and will run until Tuesday 6th July all reviews, photos and tutorials will be made available and viewable on my blog until 22nd September guys. Sorry for the inconvenience and stay tuned xxxxx*