Sunday, 24 July 2011

Home Alone

It’s so much fun when everyone’s out and your left alone, I absolutely enjoy alone time to just think & clear my head, get creative and go wild. So today I was home alone and so bored and I started to look for items of clothing to buy when I stubbled upon website, and I couldn’t believe it the black Barbie tee I had dreamed about for so long had finally been found =D....but then....i got thinking...i had first discoved this top and wanted this top way before the whole black Barbie trend thing and now that trend had hit the roof and was slowly making its way to the exit, I still wanted a Barbie tee, which got me thinking how about I design my own...anyways cut  a long story short I got my people to call some people and yup ima have my very own uniquely customised Barbie tee very soon *wiggles bum*, I was so over excited that I decided to look at some pictures of Barbie dolls, which is where I found this cutie

*Alarm bells* lets create a look from this Barbie, and so I did I bring to you my fellow blogging buddies Poochie’s Limited addition Barbie looooool...peace out y’all

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