Sunday, 24 July 2011


I have been meaning to do this post for soooo long, but it’s like it just wasn’t meant to be *rolls eyes* every time I attempt to do this post something always goes wrong with my lappy, so I guess that I’m doing it now is a’ll all agree with me that every girl needs her relaxation time and pampering once ever so often, we wouldn’t be women If we didn’t...well on 12th July it was my friend’s birthday and to mark the day a couple of us girls had a wonderful trip to the spa. The spa we went to was Bannatyne spa in Westminster, the environment and the experience was more than what words could ever explain, if you have never been to a spa before trust me you need to go, our package included a 30 minute treatment of our choice as well as the full use of all their facilities; sauna, steam room, swimming pool, gym and Jacuzzi. Well here are some pics from our spa experience, oh yeah and this is the spa’s site for any of you interested hope you like, peace out xoxo
The b'day girl

lol this pic is so jokes, i have no idea why Kayla and I thought it would be possible to take pics in the sauna lool; total faliure

the girlies and myslef at the spa

some pics I decided to take of some of the things we enjoyed that day; Jaccuzi, Steam room, Massage room

Home Alone

It’s so much fun when everyone’s out and your left alone, I absolutely enjoy alone time to just think & clear my head, get creative and go wild. So today I was home alone and so bored and I started to look for items of clothing to buy when I stubbled upon website, and I couldn’t believe it the black Barbie tee I had dreamed about for so long had finally been found =D....but then....i got thinking...i had first discoved this top and wanted this top way before the whole black Barbie trend thing and now that trend had hit the roof and was slowly making its way to the exit, I still wanted a Barbie tee, which got me thinking how about I design my own...anyways cut  a long story short I got my people to call some people and yup ima have my very own uniquely customised Barbie tee very soon *wiggles bum*, I was so over excited that I decided to look at some pictures of Barbie dolls, which is where I found this cutie

*Alarm bells* lets create a look from this Barbie, and so I did I bring to you my fellow blogging buddies Poochie’s Limited addition Barbie looooool...peace out y’all

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Colour Blocking

Wwwoooww colour block pop!!! Okay Okay Ooookay, so it was brought to my attention of late that am still yet to be a part of this new colour blocking craze, most of you must be thinking how ironic because Poochie is such a colourful person, well today I was like ok ima do this -#_#-...i put together this outfit from some old stuff I found in my wardrobe, so nothing exciting but it slyly went together nicely. The look is not to in your face, as well as not too dressy but yet not too casual, for this otfit I’d say its one you may put on for a diner date or maybe even a Sunday service....1st try at this stuff *covers face*, so I hope you like.
The accessories used here where bought from Aunty Mary, the lady is really good, and each piece is souly designed around you and what you like. As you can clearly tell the necklace was created from a combination of the earrings I’m sporting and an old broken necklace which Aunty Mary revamped. If you live in the UK and would like her info, just holla at me. The ring also was bought from the same lady but came from a set which I highly disliked, so I just purchased the ring only, and it slyly goes and compliments my other accessory pieces.

These sexy green shoes of mine have been neglected for so long, they must be happy I decided to push my feet in them loool

Shoes- Linzi
Belt- Primark
Bag- Ted Baker
Skirt- Boutique a la Christine (lool mum’s old stuff)
Top- one random shop

The whole experience or should I say experiment had me oooo so gassed up that I even took it a step further to colour block my makeup.
As you can see I created a turquoise, navy blue, pink and purple blocked effect on my eyes, the shadows used where taken from my Vital eye shadow compact (purple), Sleek i-Divine Chaos eye shadow palette and (turquoise& navy blue), Sleek i-Divine Acid eye shadow palette (pink), I then topped it off by applying a posh purple lipstick with my Mac Lipgelee & Dazzleglass, which allowed my lips to present more of a deep pink colour.
Over all the experience was really fun I have no clue why I’m only just trying this out loool...I leave you with two lovely ladies colour blocking ordeals that I stumble upon and fell in love always love Poochie xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ever cute 'n' ready

Wooooi ah wah doh sum ppl, dem only luk gd wen dem face plaster up wid makeup...mi eva cute n eva ready ah noh makeup mek mi tan gd coz mi born gr8 AWOHHHH!!!...ok now that’s over and done with, today I went out without makeup on :O, yupp I know I aint done that for about 4-5 months now but today I did it and everyone was sooo shocked...I know a lot of people where surprised that I still actually look good and my face is still in a somewhat healthy condition, well that’s because even though I wear makeup a lot I still take care of my skin....every1 has been dyeing to know how I do it but I’ll leave my skin care routine for another day as for now I present you the natural Pooch.

Ummm yh I forgot to say I went to dance today as well so I did a real quick Outfit Of The Day it’s actually nothing special but I hope you like...xxxMwaHxxx

Friday, 8 July 2011

Offended, yes i am

OMD I feel highly offended, someone asked me today if I knew how to cook :O sorry have you not heard about Poochie’s kitchen...I’ve been on dis ting from my hustlin days, selling my chicken and rice in school to make some few extra sheckles, ‘awwwwww the joys of Catford Girls/High’ ways if you don’t know about my cooking I will enlighten you, starting from August I will launch my 30day challenge; the 30 day challenge will consist of me talking you guys through what I’ve cooked in each day, one meal a day for 30 days is a promise I make to you, from a range of breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner from Africa and the if you want to learn how I make a specific dish just comment on this post and I’ll be sure to prepare it for you...woooow ok now that’s off my chest may the good Lord bless you wherever you are and in whatever you’re doing, loving you always Poochie xxxx

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Pleasure Booster

Lool as soon as I saw this clip I knew this movie would have to be a must see, and then I noticed that the movie was produced by Onyi Best Bright Industries *thumbs up*, due to the fact that I enjoyed their previous production Heart of a fighter & Royal fight this factor enticed me even more...i mean really what a peak convo, can you just imagine...SADLY the movie was actually due to premier on the NollywoodLove youtube channel today, and at 6:45 I’m still waiting ;*( sad ways by the grace of God it will be uploaded by tomorrow and I can watch it yaaaaay.
The film is home to stars such as Jim Iyke , Uche Jumbo and the fabulous Jenifa; Funke Akindele, the casts line up is a good one and I believe that the actresses and actors used work well together (from a viewer perspective)...well you guys have to check out the Iroko partners youtube channels both  NollywoodLove & YorubaLove

Pooch xxx

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sleek sheek

Yup I admit it I am addicted, like totally obsessed with Sleek eye shadow palettes, I try and buy all of them as soon as they are launched and guess what...*drum roll*...The Caribbean Collection is out for a limited time only :D...OMD as soon as the launch date (6th July) is here I will be the first in store to buy it.
The collection is made up of three elements; a exquisite tangy orange blush named Aruba, a vibrant calypso palette better known as Curaçao and the baby of the family the naughty Bonaire Pout Polish.
The Curaçao palette consists of 12 tasteful colours, 6 of which are matte types and the other six are shimmer shade. The Curaçao palette has given its 12 recipients names that reflect on drinks mainly found on holidays; Tequila Sunrise, Martini, Blue Hawaiian. Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, Green Iguana, Après Midori, Blue Lagoon, Purple Haze, Green Martini, Singapore Sling and Espresso Martini (from left to right starting from the top line).

I am overly excited to purchase my new collection and promise to have some swatches and a tutorial up of these items.
As of now a highly energised Pooch says I’m out, roger dat xxxx

Vlog ooo Vlog :D

Lool I think this is a new addiction *blushin*, maybe it’s down to the fact that I don’t actually see my siblings often that contributes to this overwhelming urge to talk to someone lool, how sad am I...any ways before I bore you to death with my typing here it is vlog take two I hope you guys enjoy.