Friday, 8 July 2011

Offended, yes i am

OMD I feel highly offended, someone asked me today if I knew how to cook :O sorry have you not heard about Poochie’s kitchen...I’ve been on dis ting from my hustlin days, selling my chicken and rice in school to make some few extra sheckles, ‘awwwwww the joys of Catford Girls/High’ ways if you don’t know about my cooking I will enlighten you, starting from August I will launch my 30day challenge; the 30 day challenge will consist of me talking you guys through what I’ve cooked in each day, one meal a day for 30 days is a promise I make to you, from a range of breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner from Africa and the if you want to learn how I make a specific dish just comment on this post and I’ll be sure to prepare it for you...woooow ok now that’s off my chest may the good Lord bless you wherever you are and in whatever you’re doing, loving you always Poochie xxxx

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