Saturday, 23 July 2011

Colour Blocking

Wwwoooww colour block pop!!! Okay Okay Ooookay, so it was brought to my attention of late that am still yet to be a part of this new colour blocking craze, most of you must be thinking how ironic because Poochie is such a colourful person, well today I was like ok ima do this -#_#-...i put together this outfit from some old stuff I found in my wardrobe, so nothing exciting but it slyly went together nicely. The look is not to in your face, as well as not too dressy but yet not too casual, for this otfit I’d say its one you may put on for a diner date or maybe even a Sunday service....1st try at this stuff *covers face*, so I hope you like.
The accessories used here where bought from Aunty Mary, the lady is really good, and each piece is souly designed around you and what you like. As you can clearly tell the necklace was created from a combination of the earrings I’m sporting and an old broken necklace which Aunty Mary revamped. If you live in the UK and would like her info, just holla at me. The ring also was bought from the same lady but came from a set which I highly disliked, so I just purchased the ring only, and it slyly goes and compliments my other accessory pieces.

These sexy green shoes of mine have been neglected for so long, they must be happy I decided to push my feet in them loool

Shoes- Linzi
Belt- Primark
Bag- Ted Baker
Skirt- Boutique a la Christine (lool mum’s old stuff)
Top- one random shop

The whole experience or should I say experiment had me oooo so gassed up that I even took it a step further to colour block my makeup.
As you can see I created a turquoise, navy blue, pink and purple blocked effect on my eyes, the shadows used where taken from my Vital eye shadow compact (purple), Sleek i-Divine Chaos eye shadow palette and (turquoise& navy blue), Sleek i-Divine Acid eye shadow palette (pink), I then topped it off by applying a posh purple lipstick with my Mac Lipgelee & Dazzleglass, which allowed my lips to present more of a deep pink colour.
Over all the experience was really fun I have no clue why I’m only just trying this out loool...I leave you with two lovely ladies colour blocking ordeals that I stumble upon and fell in love always love Poochie xxxxxxxxx

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