Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sad tyms

So for the past two days my TV has been stuck on style network (sky  253), only Jesus has the answer as to how and why my TV was on this station is the 1st place, but what I do know is I’ve found a new TV show I like; Jerseylicious, OMD I am officially addicted to this show now it’s unreal. When I watch the show I slyly wish I could be living like that; good job, able to dress up every day of my life, live in a place where the sun rises and sets with heat everyday.....and the...I realise this is reality where I live is Londonlicious where even summer is dam cold, I work 3 jobs and still have no money :*( I guess I just gotta live with that until a better opportunity arises. But everyone tune in for the new season on 253 Wednesday @ 9

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