Monday, 14 March 2011

Pray for Japan

May God guide and protect their people the ones that have passed and the ones still living, times are hard right now and faith is something essential to them right now as well as hope, God i jus ask you to give them hope and faith; faith that all things are possible and hope for a brighter day. Only you know Lord the reasons behind the destruction of their country, but every action has a reaction and i know you shall build them a better world. Lord i just ask you to comfort them, guide them and quentch their thirst for answers, all this and more in the name of GOD. Amen
I purposely closed within ‘in the name of God’ as I am aware that not everyone reading this blog will be Christian, this statement allows all to be able to identify with the prayer I have composed, please leave comments of courage and hope for the people of Japan. Thank you

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