Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Ankara shakara

Can you just imagine! You know sometimes you see things around you happening and you just keep quiet over it, but there are some issues and elements of life that arise and must be discussed.
Woow is all I can say because the good good words that are floating around my brain can not be expressed in such a public domain, I remember when I was younger and so many of my African friends mums came to school to drop or pick them up in some sort of African fabric, hmmm who remembers them days?...the way people looked at their mums as if to say they had lost their minds, yet still now I see Ankara everywhere, Indian, oyinbo (white), Chinese in fact everyone has now jumped on this Ankara, no in fact the African wave, even celebrities are embracing the African culture.
Beyonce, Fergie, Solange & Miss keys rockin' ankara

Gwen Stefani in her African attire

Proud I am I must say, finally Africa is now being recognised for something other than war and poverty, with this element taking the nation by storm. However it’s some of our own African people that are doing gbogbo big girls style (the don diva bitch) and there shakara (showing off) too plenty why I have to blog this...OMD in short they make me sick....so if you don’t already know Aldo have two variations of Ankara wedges on sale in store and online in the UK priced at £65, in my opinion the Ankara used is not that great it looks like the Ankara of agbalagba (the elderly) nature and yet still these stupid African girls are swarming down to Aldo to buy these shoes *rolls eyes*...
this is living proof that black people are the same ones that sold out their people, how can you physically go and buy Ankara shoes from an oyinbo (white) man are you mad!!!!! I don’t understand like really, can someone, anyone comprehend?  African tailors and seamstresses are too talented for this approach to be taken...well I am one of those who shall never sell out my people, I bought my Ankara for £15 in one of those shops in Liverpool street market, the wedges cost me £20 from New look and Baba Hannah charged me £15 to cover the shoes which totals £50, cheaper than Aldo’s shoes by £15 and are to my taste as well as unique.  
The ankara for my shoes
The newlook wedges
Well when I receive the finished product then you be the judge.
For now a very raged and flabbergasted Poochie is signing out xxx

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