Saturday, 7 May 2011

Speed Post

Neglection is a word that has become my best friend, I have been forced to move on the antisocial wave due to the amount of drama that has presented itself in my life. So anyways ima try summarise the last 2 and a bit months of my life for you real quick. So firstly my bday, well what can I truly say about that, I had such a blast  the food was great my cake was too sexy and overall my bday was made extra special by all that attended and sent me messages and gifts. Here are three sneak peaks at the bday bonanza.

The next best event for me I would say would be my attendance to a family friends wedding, I mean she really went all out it was definitely a ‘Royal wedding’ (Friday 29th April), the vibrant reds and royal gold colours chosen for her special day’s theme  definitely reflected this. I couldn’t help but sneak a quick shoot in whilst the photographer was working his magic. Photo’s kindly taken with my cam by my darling Daniella.

So apart from these events really my life has been a drag, all I tend to do is tie myself down into my books. Uni is the ultimate point of focus for me right now unfortunately but fortunately. However one thing I have become extremely fascinated with is perfecting my eye makeup skills, as we can all agree that my 1st attempt was a complete faultier, I’ve even become so passionately excited about my new hobby that I had to purchase some equipment. So here goes nothing all my hard earned money and limited spear time amounts to these few creations.
The Lions DEN

The sweetest halloween night


Star girl
All makeup in these pics have been created with my great best buys:
Mac duo sided sponge- Debenhams
MAC studio Tech Foundation- Debenhams
Black Opal total coverage spot & scar eraser- Opeyemi’s mum
Black Opal true colour liquid foundation- Opeyemi’s mum
Black Opal dome blush brush- Opeyemi’s mum
Sigma 34pcs makeup cosmetic brushes + applicator tool set-  Ebay
Sleek blusher (scandalous)- Hair shop
Sleek i-divine pallet (storm, original, sunset, acid, chaos)- Hair shop
Barry M deluxe eye shadow kit-
Sleek pout polish lip colour (sugar may)- Hair shop
Barry M touch of magic lip paint-
Sleek twist up lip liner (deep cherry)- Hair shop

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